Float Loading Training

Floating can be a stressful experience for both horse and rider. EquiTrain offers a float loading training package to train the horse to load correctly and teach the rider how to administer the techniques.

This package includes a float loading consultation session to assess what ground work is required for horse to load correctly. The horse will then be trained over the necessary amount of sessions. Once the horse has successfully consolidated the training, the rider or handler is then taught how to continue training with the horse.

Erika has helped me with floating a young nervous horse. She is well educated, patient and kind. Highly recommend!
— Sophie Mertens

Price List

Float Loading Consultation : $200 + Travel Fee

*Please allow for 1- 1.5hrs for first session

Follow up Float Loading Sessions : $80 + Travel Fee


Foundation Training

This training is tailored for any horse at any age or discipline. This could suit a young horse that is being prepared for sale, competition or is ready to start basic training or a mature horse that needs a tune up for a specific issue. Foundation training could include general handling

Leading - Learning to lead quietly and in different environments.

  • Basic groundwork - learning step forward, backward and turning aids

  • Farrier preparation - for horses that have difficulty standing quietly for farrier (holding feet, noise and hammering etc.)

  • Rug training - for horse’s that have never had a rug on

  • Lungeing - training horse to lunge (walk, trot and canter)

We will create a plan for what you are wanting to achieve with your horse, focusing on your horse’s welfare and your safety.

Price List

One off Session - 1-2hrs $100 + Travel Fee

Foundation Packaage - 5x sessions for $450 + Travel Fee