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Diploma of Equitation Science

Led by Dr Andrew McLean, world leader in applying learning systems to horse training across all levels and disciplines. Equitation Science International (ESI) is the first accredited training centre teaching handlers, riders and coaches how to maximise horse training in all disciplines by harnessing the horse’s instinctive learning processes.

Equitation Science combines learning theory, biomechanics and ethology; creating a clear, systematic and sustainable approach to horse training.

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Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)

Agricultural University based in Canterbury, New Zealand. Bachelor of Science focused on welfare, nutrition, plant, animal and soil science.

Biosecurity scholarship in agricultural science focusing on increasing dairy pastural output.

Research included nutritional analysis in sheep, cattle and horses.

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ESNZ Introductory to Coaching

Created by Equestrian Sport New Zealand (ESNZ) the first qualification in the pathway (Introductory, Development, Performance and Elite).

Aligned with Sport New Zealand ethos and principles for fair play and safety to rider and horse.

Units included Lungeing, Dressage, Polework, Jumping and Horse management.