Our Story


EquiTrain NZ was started to offer Canterbury access to evidence based training for sport horses and riders without having to leave their paddock. EquiTrain NZ offers solutions for both horse and rider to overcome conflict behaviours through using Principles of Training designed by Andrew Maclean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre. Through consolidating clear aids to horse through ground work and effective riding, riders will be able to progress their horses further in a safe environnment.

EquiTrain NZ is supported by ESI (Equitation Science International) which are the leaders in the latest research and training in the Equestrian Industry which is peer reviewed and evidence based.

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Not only learning to ride, but learning to train.

Above Left : Wimbledon Village Stables where I spent 6 months Coaching and Riding with BHS Instructors. Above Right : leading the riders through Wimbledon Common to their Dressage lesson.

Erika Oudshoorn

Senior Trainer/Manager

Erika Oudshoorn pictured with Katala a young friesian in for foundation training at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

Erika Oudshoorn pictured with Katala a young friesian in for foundation training at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

After starting to ride at 10 years old in Canterbury, I purchased my first warmblood cross gelding at 15. The next few years were filled with Pony Club, dressage competition and low level events. After completing a Animal Science degree at Lincoln University while competing elementry dressage I developed a keen interest in understanding training and the science behind starting a horse. I was offered a short internship at Caroline Powell’s Olympic Eventing yard in Sussex, UK which lead to me securing a riding instructor position at the prestigious Wimbledon Village Stables in the middle of London. But the highlight of my time overseas was my intership at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre founded by Andrew and Manuela Mclean.

Andrew Mclean is not only a winner of the highest Australian science award, the Eureka Prize for Science, he has also written 5 books, including an international best seller, and authored 35 peer-reviewed journal articles. Throughout his riding career he represented Australia in Eventing, Dressage and Show jumping and has been accredited coach for over 30 years teaching internationally.

The Australian Equine Behaviour Centre offered an working pupil position which I worked for 8 months while completing the Diploma in Equitation Science. This focused on the science behind horseman ship and how a horse can be trained through evidence based techniques. This diploma has provided so much information in how a horse can retain information and interpret aids from a trainer.

Training at AEBC helped develop the float loading training that EquiTrain offers, which through clear aids in groundwork, helps guide the horse on and off float at handlers speed.


Pictured Above : Training horses in both Dressage, Show Jumping and hacking up the ridge at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in Clonbinane, Victoria.



* 8 months as Riding Instructor at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (Victoria, Australia)

*6 months as Riding Coach at Wimbledon Village Stables (Wimbledon, London)

*6 months as Riding Coach in EquiCise (Horse Simulator at WVS) (Wimbledon, London)

* 3+ years as Riding Instructor Arion Riding Centre (Christchurch, NZ)

* 4+ years as Riding Instructor at Roydvale Pony Club (Christchurch, NZ)


* 8 months as Working Pupil at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (Victoria, Australia)

* Olympic Eventing Yard (Caroline Powell NZ Olympic Team) (Sussex, United Kingdom)



* Competed Dressage Level 3 (Elementry) training level 5

*Selected for Canterbury Dressage Training squad

*Won North Loburn Autum Series Level 2 (2014)

*Show Jumping to 95

*Pretraining Eventing

*Showing in Novice and Open Saddle Hunter ring

*Ridden various breeds, ages, and disciplines (Friesian, Irish Sport horse, TB, Stationbred, Warmblood)

*Over 20 years riding experience